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Introducing — The 4EVERLAND Global Ambassador Program


Attention! 4EVERLAND Community!

We are officially launching our 4EVERLAND’s Global Ambassador Program. It is a long-term program designed to recruit and work with people who are devoted to advance the 4EVERLAND project.

Calling all technical developers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, or KOL’s in the blockchain industry to join the 4EVERLAND Global Ambassador Program and contribute in building a strong consensus community that not only promotes Web 3.0 development but also recognizes the value 4EVERLAND platform provides.

A big shoutout to all the users for your support, 4EVERLAND has grown strong because of you all with over 23,000 developers deployed more than 27,000 DApps using our platform.

We appreciate all your valuable comments and feedbacks shared on Telegram and Discord community groups. They really inspire us to push ourselves harder each day. We have also increased our activities and partnerships in the past few months, therefore, to take this initiative moving forward, we would need a core team of supporters to add to 4EVERLAND’s future growth.

As awareness of the 4EVERLAND company grows and our community expands, we are planning to train and recruit a team of dedicated ambassadors who will help us take our community-building campaigns and promotions to the next level.

Amazing Perks of the 4EVERLAND’s Global Ambassador Program

There are many benefits of joining us as an official 4EVERLAND’s Global Ambassador, from being a part of a close-knit team where you get all the plans and updates of our roadmap before anyone else does to participating in the 4EVERLAND’s marketing and community growth initiatives.

Besides these, you also get to enjoy other rewards, such as:

  • 4EVERLAND’s branded corporate gifts.
  • Obtain corresponding salary and token rewards based on your work performance, quality, and consistency of work delivered.
  • 4EVERLAND Global Ambassador Title for outstanding contributions
  • Opportunity to grow your personal and professional network in the blockchain industry.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your original ideas with 4EVERLAND.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for a diverse group of dedicated supporters who can contribute and play an active role in the future of 4EVERLAND. If you are a technical developer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, or KOL in the blockchain industry, we invite you all to apply to the 4EVERLAND Global Ambassador Program. We do follow an interview process.

You will make a good fit if you:

  • Are passionate and knowledgeable about the blockchain industry.
  • Have a strong faith in the future of 4EVERLAND.
  • Are proactive and enthusiastic with regards to engaging the community members to learn more about 4EVERLAND’s products and services.
  • Have a basic understanding of Web 3.0 and IPFS (Inter Planetary File System).
  • Are willing to learn and share project knowledge with the community.
  • Have excellent communication and management skills.

Roles — How Can You Contribute with Your Talents?

Content Writers and Creators

  • Looking for wordsmiths and creative artists who can give us more flair by producing educational content about 4EVERLAND such as tutorials, vlogs, reviews, explainer series, GIFs, emojis, infographics, etc.

  • Long-form content about 4EVERLAND’s technology, application cases, partnerships, marketing copies, PR releases etc. and post them on various blogs, forums, and press channels.

  • Translate approved official 4EVERLAND articles, posts, docs, and other related reports into different languages.

  • Write and conduct community activity plans after official approval.

  • Co-operate with diverse crypto and tech communities to organize activities such as AMA, interviews, vlogs, etc. that will help users better understand what 4EVERLAND does as well as attract new users to join the 4EVERLAND community.

Community Contributor

  • Looking for moderates to manage community chats/conversations by answering relevant questions about 4EVERLAND’s value propositions.
  • Engage official content as well as industry hotspots to lead discussions in the community.
  • Organize and manage Telegram and other social media groups in different languages.
  • Broadcast 4EVERLAND’s announcements and updates on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and others.

Marketing Ambassador

  • Looking for someone with a strong network in the blockchain industry or having expert knowledge about 4EVERLAND’s offering.
  • Refer clients, customers, partnerships, promotions, and other opportunities to 4EVERLAND.
  • Expand the community and develop the project with more leads.

Tech Ambassador

  • Looking for experts in DevOps and network architecture, who can help us improve the user experience of 4EVERLAND’s developer platform.
  • Test new features, platform functionality, provide feedback and identify/report bugs.
  • Identify new key products and features that 4EVERLAND tech team should develop next.
  • Assist with fixing bugs, contributing code, and building out new features and tools.
  • Assist with product development tasks as and when necessary.
  • Assist with writing the product documentation and 4EVERLAND’s codebase information on GitHub.

We are certainly not limiting ourselves to these roles, if you have talents and skill sets in other areas or suggestions that you think might add value to the team, please feel free to include them in your application. We strongly encourage everyone who wishes to see 4EVERLAND flourish and do well to apply.

The 4EVERLAND Selection Process

  1. Please fill in this google form: https://forms.gle/MZ1SA1cKZra4j3Uh7
  2. Next, record an intro video of 2–3 minutes max. Talk as much as possible about yourself, your qualifications also explaining why you’re interested in becoming a Global Ambassador for 4EVERLAND. How you will contribute, if selected. Once recorded send us via email your intro video contact@4everland.org
  3. After reviewing applications, we will reach out to schedule interviews as the next step. Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  4. The selected candidate will go through a one-month training period. During this month, all candidates will get to experience and learn more about 4EVERLAND’s services and products.
  5. This is an excellent opportunity for you as a candidate to demonstrate your proactiveness and enthusiasm in sharing your original ideas with 4EVERLAND team. We will then review the candidates’ one month report to decide whether or not to hire.

4EVERLAND will have the final right to decide whom to hire or work with. Thank you in advance for your interest, we are looking forward to onboarding some outstanding 4EVERLAND Global Ambassadors!

Please Note: We are very selective with our recruitment process so if you did not receive a response from us, kindly refrain from making multiple entries. Thank you for understanding. If you’ve got any questions, please reach out to us on Discord or Telegram (links are provided below). Wish you all the best!


4EVERLAND is a cloud computing platform, driven by the blockchain technology, and designed for Web 3.0. providing global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage and other technical features. Based on IPFS and the underlying technology of Ethereum, 4EVERLAND is committed to provide a distributed, highly efficient, self-motivated, and low-cost data hosting gateway, and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications.

Email: contact@4everland.org